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Shopify Agency Brighton

Don't Let Your Business Miss Out on 36% of Potential Sales! A Premier Shopify Agency in Brighton Can Help You

Businesses with no online presence lose 36% of potential sales. For every day you don’t take your business online, another 36% gets added to that amount. Every dollar you hold back, every second you think it over, you’re leaving money on the table.

You’re allowing competitors to claim your share of a market expected to reach $6.3 trillion globally by 2024. This is not a missed opportunity—it’s a dangerous decision, as more and more consumers make use of the web for both purchases and research. Don’t let your business get left behind.

Join thousands of satisfied merchants and discover for yourself the boundless possibilities unlocked through Shopify. See for yourself! Take your business where you’ve always dreamed, with the most trusted platform for multi-channel commerce on the planet.

shopify agency manchester
shopify agency manchester

Why Your Online Store’s Success Hinges on Shopify

On the grand stage of e-commerce enablement, it is Shopify that reigns supreme. Recent studies have shown that those businesses using the platform have conversion rates some 126% higher than those on other e-commerce platforms.

As illustrated by the 1.7 million businesses that switched to Shopify last year, its emergence as the popular choice seems inevitable; it offers entrepreneurs an intuitive interface, a rich set of features, and impressive scalability that makes it the perfect solution for digital commerce success.

Need Help to Grow Your Shopify Store? Let Shopify Agency Brighton Help You Thrive!

Are you struggling to find the time and expertise to optimize your Shopify or Shopify Plus store performance? Does setting up your Shopify store seem time-consuming and difficult? Perhaps you’re driving traffic to your Shopify store but struggling to convert visitors into sales. If so, this is for you.

At Shopify Agency Brighton, we simplify the complexities of e-commerce. Together, we’ll turn your challenges into opportunities and help you build a high-converting store that reflects your brand. With our knowledge and expertise, navigating the digital landscape becomes easy.

We’ll show you how even the biggest tasks are achievable when you break them down into a series of smaller steps. Let’s take your business to the next level together and unlock its full potential online.

shopify agency cambridge

Elevate Your Store into a Profit-Generating Brand

Transform Your Shopify Store With Shopify Agency Brighton's

For UK Shopify and Shopify Plus store owners, finding your place amongst the competition of our ever-growing e-commerce industry is a tough nut to crack.

A beautiful and well-built online store, however, can make it easier for your business to attract its audience and drive sales. Without a digital platform that exudes your brand’s values, you’ll struggle to make an impact and get people talking about you.

Our expertise transforms your Shopify store into an e-commerce platform that truly makes money. We design beautiful stores to perform ahead of the curve and discover what it takes for you to be successful in the ever-increasing noise of the digital marketplace.

shopify agency manchester
shopify agency manchester

We Craft a High-Converting Sales Funnel for Your Shopify Brand

Creating a strong sales funnel for your Shopify store takes careful planning and execution:
Identify Your Audience. Tailor your approach to fit the needs of your target demographic.

Use marketing channels to let the world know about your products and entice them to your store.
Use compelling incentives, to capture leads, build trust and turn those prospects into customers and long return returning fanatics.

Utilize tactics like up-selling, cross-selling and more to surpass conversion expectations and truly drive success in your business.
Be sure to measure and refine your sales funnel regularly, adjusting to market changes and checking in on the sections that aren’t working.

Dive into our full guide on building a sales funnel from beginning to end which includes a downloadable template you can use to start building your own.

Why does Shopify Agency Brighton deliver an impressive 200% boost in sales for your Shopify businesses?

Our team is composed of seasoned professionals with deep roots in Shopify optimization. We’ve honed these advanced strategies over many years of practice.

Every client’s business will be treated differently. We’ll evaluate their unique needs and apply our strategies accordingly ensuring their maximum impact and return on investment.

We maintain a competitive edge by constantly staying on the cutting edge of Shopify SEO and automation technologies.

Our detailed analytics enables us to harness the power of the data and continuously integrate with it to drive exponential growth and informed decision making

Our ability to look at SEO, automation, and user experience optimization gives us an advantage in building incredibly comprehensive strategies for sustainable growth.

We pride ourselves on driving tangible results like increased traffic and conversion, ensuring you make a return on your investment in working with us.

shopify agency manchester

Why Choose Shopify Agency UK as Your Premier Shopify Development Agency in Brighton?

With Shopify Agency UK

We have a strong history of helping countless businesses achieve amazing growth and success through our services.

We keep our finger on the fast-paced e-commerce industry by watching trends, experimenting with new tactics and adapting our strategies as necessary to generate the best possible results.

We deliver our clients advanced analytics, which allow us to generate actionable insights to drive sales and provide maximal ROI.

Our personalized strategies are tailored specifically for your industry, your audience, and your goals.

shopify agency manchester

With Others

Many agencies make bold claims but few have hard evidence to back them

Some agencies don’t adapt and only work off of a tried and true model that will hold them back from differentiation and growth

Some agencies have the data but struggle turning it into actionable strategy
Most agencies work off generic templates that miss the chance to engage and drive conversion
There’s a bit of automation but not enough to truly optimize and can still be inefficient.

Choose a Shopify Agency in Brighton Dedicated to Driving Results.

Our Shopify E-commerce Services Include

Brand Strategy

Partner with us to highlight your company’s values and unique qualities, effectively communication to your customers. Our experts help define your identity, fostering deeper connections with your audience.

Shopify Development

Elevate your e-commerce objectives with our Shopify Development services. Our skilled developers customize Shopify themes, apps, and configurations to ensure long-term growth and success for your business.

Shopify UX & UI Design

Prioritizing usability, we bring extensive UX expertise to deliver seamless user interfaces. Our designs focus on enhancing the overall user experience throughout the customer journey.

Shopify CRM & Multichannel Marketing

We enable engagement, education, lead generation and the sale and upselling of other products and services by leveraging a variety of CRM and email marketing platforms. With today’s rich data and tools, we can manage your customers in ways that optimize their engagement with your brand.

Shopify Sales Funnel Automation

Generates sales and maximizes income opportunities effortlessly with Shopify sales funnel automation. We use leading platforms, Shopify Apps, and occasionally custom Apps to create automated funnels across multiple channels, enhancing sales and boosting your bottom line. Experience enhanced sales and a boosted bottom line with our tailored approach.

The Right Fit

When your Shopify store’s needs exceed standard constraints, our experts craft custom Shopify apps or add-ons tailored to your requirements. We develop, install, and integrate apps that provide effective solutions for you and your customers, ensuring seamless functionality and enhanced user experience.

Shopify Agency Brighton Provides Data-Driven Strategies

Using advanced tactics, strategies, and technology, we conduct performance-driven campaigns that help drive real business results.

We use data to refine your website and enhance creatively; visitor engagement, product performance and insights into the purchase process. Whether we are using Google search, Facebook, email marketing, or social media.

We are focusing on your audience and the complete customer acquisition process. We understand that relationships are more important than cookies and that people come before website sales.

We are more interested in that person’s connection to your brand, and your products than we are with clicking on banners. In effect, we take a results-first approach.


shopify agency manchester

Why Choose Us as Your Shopify Agency

Our Shopify Agency is chosen by brands for its bold strategies that champion both growth and design excellence. Our expertise lies in designing websites that not only establish a brand presence but deliver impactful results.

Want Us to Help Grow Your Shopify Business?

Of course, you do! Give us a call, drop us a note, have us in for a chat, or visit us in our office in the UK.

Shopify agencies typically charge a retainer ranging from $2,000 to $5,000 per month, with additional content services pushing the upper limit to $20,000+ for extensive needs.

Shopify agencies can expedite results by leveraging their expertise, sparing you the time to learn. They offer ongoing support to address any technical issues.

A Shopify Plus agency specializes in designing, developing, and managing e-commerce websites using the enhanced Shopify Plus platform tailored for large businesses.

A Shopify agency specializes in digital marketing and development, focusing on Shopify Plus stores, custom solutions, theme development, and targeted marketing campaigns.

No, there is no federal law or Shopify policy requiring a business license to sell on Shopify.

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