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What are the Most Useful Shopify Apps in 2024?

What are the Most Useful Shopify Apps in 2024?

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms, empowering over 1 million businesses to build and manage online stores. A key part of Shopify’s appeal lies in its app ecosystem – there are over 6,000 apps available to help merchants optimize their stores.

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most useful Shopify apps available in 2024 based on merchant reviews and expert recommendations. We’ll cover top apps for reviews, dropshipping, analytics, and more to help you find the right tools for your store.

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Top Shopify Apps for 2024:Enhance your store’s performance

In 2024, Shopify merchants have access to an incredible array of apps that supercharge performance on their online stores. From apps that will help them make more sales and drive greater customer engagement, to design tools that streamline operations and marketing apps that help them expand their reach, the top apps on Shopify come with a diverse range of functionalities.

You can automate your processes, create better content, connect your store to a variety of third-party platforms, and much, much more. The top apps are continuously improving and adding new features so that merchants are always ahead of the game and can provide better service and drive more success for their business.

Reviews Apps

Product reviews are essential for building trust and social proof. Here are some of the best-reviewed and top-rated apps to manage and display reviews on your Shopify store:

Judge. me

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Judge. I am one of the most popular review apps on Shopify. It makes it easy to request, monitor, and display verified customer reviews.

Key features:

  • Request & collect reviews via email and popups.
  • Review reminders to capture more feedback.
  • Display reviews through various widgets and badges.
  • Review filtering and moderation capabilities.
  • Photos and videos in reviews.
  • Review analytics and reporting.
  • Integration with major platforms like Google, Facebook, Yotpo, and more.

Judge. It starts at $9 per month and is a great choice for comprehensive review management.


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Loox focuses on photo and video reviews to create visual social proof. Its intuitive interface and features make it a popular choice.

Key features:

  • Visual reviews with photos and videos.
  • Advanced review moderation.
  • Curated review display with sorting and filtering options.
  • Review widgets for all pages including product, collection, and home page.
  • Integration with major platforms like Google, Facebook, etc.
  • Automated review request campaigns.

Loox has a free plan and paid plans starting at $7 per month suitable for all business sizes. The free plan includes basic features while paid plans enable more advanced capabilities.


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Yotpo is an end-to-end review and UGC platform. It makes review management easy while also providing features like loyalty programs, SMS marketing, and more.

Key features:

  • Collect and display verified reviews.
  • Respond to customers directly within Yotpo.
  • Loyalty and referral programs.
  • SMS marketing tools.
  • Review analytics with sales metrics.
  • Integration with Google Seller Ratings, Facebook, and Instagram shops.

Yotpo starts at $49 per month. It’s best for larger brands looking for an all-in-one marketing and reviews solution.

Dropshipping Apps

Dropshipping allows you to sell products without holding inventory. You can fulfill orders directly from a supplier/wholesaler. Here are some top apps to optimize the dropshipping workflow:


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Oberlo is the most popular dropshipping app from Shopify themselves. It allows you to easily import and manage products from various suppliers like AliExpress.

Key features:

  • Add products from AliExpress, ImportList, and other suppliers.
  • Automated order processing and tracking.
  • Inventory and supply management.
  • Shipping label generation.
  • Supplier performance tracking.

Oberlo has a free plan along with a paid Oberlo Pro plan starting at $29.90 per month with additional features. It’s the perfect companion tool for running a dropshipping business.


Spocket enables dropshipping with products exclusively from suppliers in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Key features:

  • A curated catalog of products from verified suppliers.
  • Fast shipping from suppliers located closer to customers.
  • Inventory and order management.
  • Shipping label creation.
  • Supplier tracking and analytics.

Spocket starts at $49 per month for up to 100 orders and provides a quality-focused alternative to AliExpress dropshipping.


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Modalyst provides access to wholesale products from thousands of brands and distributors.

Key features:

  • Bulk import product catalogs into your store.
  • Order fulfillment from vetted suppliers.
  • Integration with shipping solutions like USPS, UPS, and FedEx.
  • Automated tax and landed cost calculation.
  • Special discounted pricing.

Modalyst has a starter plan at $49 per month and is ideal for accessing quality wholesale products across various categories.

Analytics Apps

Analytics provide data-driven insights to optimize your store. Here are some top analytics apps for Shopify:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most widely used analytics platform. The Shopify app seamlessly integrates Google Analytics with your store’s data.

Key features:

  • In-depth reporting on traffic sources, visitor behavior, and conversions.
  • Demographic data on your customers.
  • Attribution analysis.
  • Custom dashboards and reporting.
  • Integrations with Google Ads, Search Console, Data Studio, and more.

The Google Analytics app is free to install. The detailed reports and insights justify its popularity. provides an alternative to Google Analytics focused specifically on e-commerce stores.

Key features:

  • E-commerce-focused dashboard highlighting key store metrics.
  • Track popular metrics like conversion rate, average order value, and more.
  • Customer analytics – track lifetime value, churn rate, and purchase frequency.
  • Advanced segmentation to analyze customer cohorts.
  • A/B testing capabilities.
  • No sampling – track all site data.

Glew starts at $19 per month and provides an analytics solution tailored for e-commerce.


Privy is a website conversion optimization toolkit. It makes it easy to create popups, email forms, bar banners, and other conversion tools.

Key features:

  • Build popups and announcement bars without coding.
  • Opt-in email forms to collect emails.
  • Exit-intent and scroll-triggered popups.
  • Heatmaps to visualize on-site engagement.
  • A/B testing for optimization.
  • Analytics to track conversion rates.

Privy has a free plan along with paid plans starting at $49 per month. It’s great for store owners aiming to maximize conversions.

Recommended Apps For Specific Needs

Beyond the categories above, there are thousands of apps tailored for specific use cases and industries. Here are some noteworthy ones:

Shipping Solutions – Shippo, ShipStation – Recommended shipping apps that connect you with carriers and automate label printing, tracking, and more.
Flash Sales – Hurrify, Snipcart- Create scarcity and urgency with flash sales and timed discounts.
Subscriptions – Recharge, Bold Subscriptions – For managing recurring orders and subscriptions.
Wholesale – Wholesale Suite, Wholesaler- Tools for wholesalers to manage B2B sales and pricing.
Product Upsell – Upsell Hero, Upsell – Apps to add complementary upsells and cross-sells.
Customer Support– Support Candy, HappyFox Chat- In-store chat widgets and customer service tools.
Accounting – Stitch Labs, TradeGecko- Integrate your store with accounting and inventory management platforms.

This covers just a sample of the thousands of apps tailored for specific purposes like subscriptions, wholesale, accounting, and more. Be sure to evaluate your specific needs to find the right apps for your store.

How to Find the Best Shopify Apps

Here are some tips for finding the best Shopify apps for your business:

Understand your needs – Make a list of pain points and functionality gaps in your current store. This clarifies the issues that need solving.
Read reviews – Check app store reviews and external review sites to gauge real merchant experiences. Higher-rated apps tend to be more reliable.
Compare capabilities – When evaluating apps for a specific purpose, make a table comparing their features, pricing, and compatibility.
Start with free trials – Apps usually come with a no-commitment free trial for testing (up to 14-30 days). Take advantage of risk-free trials.
Check app support – Look for apps with responsive technical support in case you need assistance after integrating them.
Use native integrations – Shopify offers one-click installs for trusted apps that are fully vetted. These integrate seamlessly with your store.
Check app security – More downloads and developer transparency around security practices help identify secure apps.
Following these tips will help you find credible apps that perfectly match your business needs. Be sure to invest time in evaluating apps, and don’t overpay for unused features.

Top 5 Most Useful Free Shopify Apps

Paid apps provide powerful advanced capabilities, but you can still get a great deal of utility from free apps:

  1. look – Free photo reviews create social proof and increase conversions.
  2. Privy – Popups and bar banners help capture emails and customer offers.
  3. Product Upsell – Encourage additional purchases with preset upsell offers.
  4. Zipify Pages – Create landing pages with built-in themes and customization.
  5. Automatic Discounts – Offer strategic discounts to incentivize purchases. 
    These free apps can help optimize your store for reviews, email collection, promotions, and more without spending anything. They provide immense value especially for new stores just starting.

Top Paid Shopify Apps Worth the Investment

Once your store gains traction, investing in paid apps unlocks more powerful capabilities:

  1. Judge. me – Comprehensive reviews suite to manage, analyze, and display verified reviews.
  2. Oberlo – Top dropshipping app that makes supplier order fulfillment a breeze.
  3. Shippo – Saving on shipping by comparing rates across carriers via one unified platform.
  4. Yotpo – End-to-end reviews and UGC platform with integrated SMS marketing tools.
  5. Privy – Higher plans to unlock more ad spaces and advanced targeting and analytics.                   

    While costlier than free apps, these premium apps drive significant ROI through features like scaling reviews, automating workflows, fulfilling orders, reducing logistics costs, and streamlining marketing. The time and money savings justify the investment for established businesses.


Shopify apps provide an endless array of solutions for store optimization. Following merchant reviews and expert recommendations, we covered some of the most useful apps across categories like reviews, dropshipping, analytics, and more.

The key is to match app capabilities to your specific store needs. Take advantage of risk-free trials to evaluate apps before purchasing. Invest time upfront to find the right apps, and your store will reap rewards through automation, optimization, and more streamlined processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How many Shopify apps are available?

There are over 6,000 apps in the Shopify app store that integrate with Shopify stores to provide enhanced functionality and optimization. The extensive app ecosystem is a key benefit of the Shopify platform.

Q: How much do Shopify apps cost?

Shopify app pricing varies greatly. Many apps have free basic plans, while paid plans typically range from $9-$99 per month with tiered pricing based on features and capabilities. Some apps charge a percentage of sales or a flat monthly fee.

Q: Can you recommend apps for dropshipping stores?

Top apps for dropshipping include Oberlo for importing/fulfilling orders, Spocket for US/EU suppliers, and Dropified for warehousing automation. Modalyst and Dropship. I also provide wholesale marketplaces.

Q: What are some must-have apps for optimizing conversions?

Review apps like Judge. I and Loox are essential for building trust and social proof. Privy and Zipify Pages help create popups/landing pages that convert traffic. Upsell/cross-sell apps encourage larger order values.

Q: How do I choose the best apps for my store?

Analyze your store’s needs and read merchant reviews to shortlist apps that fit your requirements. Take advantage of risk-free trials to evaluate apps before purchasing. Check app ratings, support, and security practices as well. Invest time to find the ideal apps for your business.


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